LCA Jobs

This is a resource list of LCA jobs and websites known to have positions specific to LCA. It is continuing to be updated.

We have created this resource to help students taking LCA courses, and others who are interested in LCA, to see the many LCA positions available around the world. LCA is a growing competence in many areas now. And in the modern, post-COVID, work world, these positions may be on-site, remote, or hybrid opportunities.

One thing to realize is that while there are many LCA jobs in companies and government agencies, there are also many jobs in the consulting and contractor industry that directly or indirectly support LCA in companies and government agencies. Many of these consulting and contractor positions provide significant LCA support. And these consulting/contractor positions are not otherwise posted by the companies or agencies that they support.

Hopefully these tips and the list of links below help you on your way to starting your LCA career!

Links to Specific Organizations, by Classification

Consulting and Contractor LCA Positions

KeyLogic Systems – a consultant that also is an LCA contractor for the US Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)’s world-class LCA group. Also offers summer (and sometimes during semester) intern positions. General website –

Specific KeyLogic LCA positions listed (as of 9/1/2022):

Government Agency LCA Positions

Industry LCA Positions

Other LCA Job Resource Links

Tips for Searching for LCA Jobs on Existing Career Websites

Finally, a note on searching for LCA positions on career support websites like indeed, taleo, workday, etc. Simply searching for the phrase “life cycle” is going to return tons of irrelevant jobs, because that phrase is used in many industries to represent aspects totally different than LCA. Searches for “LCA” are likely to identify jobs, but again that acronym is also used in other areas. Consider search terms like “ISO 14000” or “ISO 14040”, as well as for specific tools and methods, such as openLCA, GaBi, or SimaPro, which could appear in preferred qualifications.

Some Example Direct Links to Job Search sites, to demonstrate jobs appearing based on keywords used